Call to action

Stop Schiphol’s Pollution

Schiphol does not have its act together. Long queues and chaos have been in the news for months. And for years, the damage to climate, nature and health has been ignored. This state-owned company can just continue to pollute, even though the Netherlands signed the Paris Climate Agreement. Big changes are needed everywhere, especially in aviation. Schiphol Group must also step up and stop polluting. All that flying is no longer acceptable. Which is why we are taking action together for a greener and fairer future, with cleaner air, less noise and more trains.

No exception

The climate crisis is here and now. Forest fires, drought and heat records are piling up. Action is inevitable. Schiphol is one of the biggest polluters in the Netherlands, but has no plan to reduce its pollution. In the national Climate Act, aviation is not even mentioned as a sector that must reduce CO2 emissions. And Schiphol has no nature permit for nitrogen emissions, fails to abide by the rules against noise and pays no tax on kerosine. These exceptions made by the government must stop, especially now that every sector, from farmers to factories, has to bring its emissions to zero. Schiphol must also stop polluting.


It is precisely the people who have contributed the least to climate change that are hit hardest by the climate crisis. This inequality is also painfully large in aviation: a small club of 8% of the Dutch take 40% of the flights. If you look at the whole world, this inequality is even greater: 1% of the world’s population causes 50% of the pollution in aviation. It should not be that via Schiphol a small group causes mega pollution.

Human lives

Schiphol does not only cause dangerous climate change, it also damages people’s lives in other ways. People who work at the airport have an excessive workload and are exposed to harmful ultra-fine dust. More than 100,000 people are seriously affected by the noise from Schiphol Airport.

Climate justice

We want travel to be clean and fair. Make trains more accessible, scrap unnecessary flights. The government and Schiphol Group as a state owned company must take responsibility for climate, health and nature, instead of opposing a green and fair future. These five steps are crucial:

  1. Stop polluting. Schiphol must come up with a climate plan in line with no more than 1.5 degrees of warming, also for all emissions from refuelled kerosene. At a minimum, aviation, like other sectors, must halve CO2 and nitrogen emissions by 2030, including for all kerosene fueled. The solution is fewer flights and no opening of Lelystad Airport. Provide a generous aviation fund for employees. Show vision and responsibility for a future with far fewer flights.
  2. Scrap unnecessary flights. Replace all short-haul flights with trains. And put an end to all private flights, the dirtiest flights.
  3. Tell the truth. No more greenwashing, Schiphol. Say honestly that CO2 compensation is deception and ‘sustainable airplanes’ are a fairy tale.
  4. Set legally binding climate rules. It is also up to the government. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment is now working on a CO2 ceiling for aviation that will limit annual emissions. But that ceiling is becoming too high, so Schiphol can continue to pollute until 2070. We demand a ceiling that decreases and is scientifically in line with the 1.5 degree goal of the Paris Climate Agreement.
  5. Give flying a fair price. Increase the tax on tickets and levy a tax on kerosene. At the moment, the government still subsidizes aviation with €2 billion annually. Invest this money smarter by making trains more accessible for everyone.

Time for action

As long as Schiphol does not have a fair plan to stop polluting and is opposing a green future, it is up to us to take peaceful action. When we join forces together, we can break the power of this big polluter. That is why we have chosen to take massive action on November 5. We wholeheartedly invite anyone who supports our message to join us.