Action consensus

SOS voor het klimaat

sept 2022

Mass Action at Schiphol

The action consensus is a binding framework for the action and aims to highlight our values and principles, and to make the actions safe, accessible and transparent for all participants. It serves to make sure that we take care of each other and ourselves during the action(s). All participants present at the action(s) shall have read, understood and agreed to this action agreement, prior to participating. Organizing these actions is an effort of many people, and we expect that everyone will respect the action agreement while taking part in the action(s).

Why we take action

The climate crisis is here and now. Forest fires, drought and heat records are piling up. Action is inevitable. Schiphol is one of the biggest polluters in the Netherlands, but has no plan to reduce its pollution. Schiphol Group must also step up and stop polluting. A small group of frequent flyers causes most of the pollution. Schiphol needs to understand that our climate cannot cope with all those flights. And certainly not unnecessary flights. That is why we are taking action together for a green and fair future, with clean air, less noise and more trains. When we join forces together, we can break the power of this big polluter.

Given the seriousness and urgency of the climate crisis, we consider it necessary and appropriate to go one step further: from public protesting to peaceful acts of mass disruption.

Principles and values:

  • We are determined and peaceful. We will not use verbal or physical violence towards anybody.
  • We will use our bodies to challenge the dirty ‘business as usual’ of Schiphol, which continues to fuel the climate crisis. It is our aim not to destroy or damage infrastructure or property, however we will not be held back by any structural obstacles.
  • The safety of everyone involved is our highest priority. We prepare well for safe access to the action location and a safe environment during the action. We will look out for ourselves and each other.
  • During the action we will be mindful about our behavior. We will act in a deescalating manner. We will not provoke escalation or react to any provocations in any way. If the situation does escalate, we take care of the safety of ourselves and others before, during and after actions.
  • We are committed to being an inclusive network. We condemn any form of discrimination. We actively work towards creating safe, accessible spaces where everyone is and feels welcome. We are committed to respecting the physical, emotional and mental boundaries of our fellow activists.
  • Each of us joins the action the way it best fits your own level and style of action, you should feel comfortable and confident at all times during the action. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and takes care that their activity during the action is in consent with the action agreement.
  • We will be mindful of workers at the airport. We know the cost on human lives that the aviation industry exacts and we choose to be aware and conscious that workers have their own livelihoods and people to protect with the work that they do and money that they need to earn.
    We wish we didn’t feel the need to disrupt, and at the same time we acknowledge that the political, economic and social system we live in has driven us to take disruptive action.
  • As activists in The Netherlands, we acknowledge our privilege. We act in solidarity with other action groups outside the Netherlands and recognise that our struggles for climate justice are all connected.
  • We will not take action under the influence of alcohol or drugs and we do not bring weapons or sharp objects. In some areas of the airport there are flammable substances. Therefore we will not bring flares, cigarettes or other objects that have the possibility of causing fire.
  • We respect a diversity of tactics within the movement, and will show solidarity with all other actions falling under this action consensus.