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Join the online Sunday introduction to learn all about Extinction Rebellion and how you can help make a difference!


Looking for actions, meetings or talks near you? Check out everything on the agenda below.

Sep 28
XR Wageningen Algemene vergadering, General meeting
Algemene Vergadering, General Meeting - Wageningen - Stationsstraat 32
Sep 28
Introduction for new rebels (EN)
Other, Talk, Welcome meeting - Amsterdam - Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93
Sep 28
Actietraining (NL)
Actietraining, Training - Utrecht - Vlampijpstraat 84
Sep 28
Community - Amsterdam - Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93
Sep 28
Action (NVDA) Training & Legal (Action Support) Training
Actietraining, Training - Groningen - Klaprooslaan 13B
Sep 28
Action training (no spots available)
Actietraining - Den Haag - Prinsegracht 27
Sep 30
SOS Organiseren in XR
Meeting, Training - Arnhem - Oude Velperweg 34A