A12 Mobilisation Day

[Mobilisatiedag in Stadskwekerij De Kas op 20 mei voor alle rebellen van XR Rotterdam]


On Saturday May 27th, we will be back on the A12 to demand the end of fossil fuel subsidies 🛑 So it’s time to get all the Rotterdam Rebels prepped, trained & hyped! 💥

Wether you are a seasoned rebel, a blockade regular or a total newbie, this day is for you:

〰️ Is it your first time at an XR event 🎉 ?
Follow our talk ‘Extinction Rebellion – How We Organise’ | 12:00

〰️ Do you need a briefing or refresher on Non-Violent Direct Actions?
Join the action training and learn all you need to know for the A12 blockade 🛢️ | 13:00

〰️ Or are you rather feelin’ creative ?
You can get crafty during our arts session 🎨 | 13:00

〰️ Are you wondering how to best contribute, on or off the A12?
Follow one of our thematic workshops 🧭: media, well-being, logistics or arrestee support | 15:00

〰️ Want to meet, mingle, stretch or chat ?
We’ve prepared some cooooooldown & bonding activities 🧘🏽🧘‍♀️| 17:00

And of course, a lovely community dinner🥕 … and a spicy (optional) night action 🙈

〰️〰️〰️ Check the full schedule and sign up here : https://xrb.link/rU0906Ecp1

& Meet us on Saturday, May 20th at Stadskwekerij De Kas, Van Beuningenstraat 22, 3039 WE Rotterdam


May 20


11:55 - 19:00

Event Category:

Actietraining, Community, Training, Welcome day, Wellbeing training

Click to Register: https://xrb.link/rU0906Ecp1

Extinction Rebellion Rotterdam

Email: rotterdam@extinctionrebellion.nl Website: https://extinctionrebellion.nl/groep/rotterdam/

Stadskwekerij De Kas

Van Beuningenstraat 22

Rotterdam, Nederland, 3039WE

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