Action training

Training or Lecture

5 March 2023

13:00 to 17:00

Rhôneweg 6, Amsterdam

Price: Free

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It's really important to follow an action training, before joining an action. This training will prepare you for both bigger and smaller actions.

If you want to join actions with XR, it's strongly recommended to follow an Action training beforehand. It doesn't matter if you want to join actions with a high or low risk of arrest. And if you're not sure yet if and how you want to join actions, this training is the way to get enough information to find out.

During the training you'll learn all about:
- what it's like to join an XR action and how we organise them,
- what an Affinity Group is and what the use is during the action,
- what the legal consequences of civil disobedience are,
- how XR looks at nonviolence and where you draw the line,
- de-escalation techniques you can use.

This training will be in Dutch.

The training will start at 13:00 and continue until 17:00 including a lunch break. Sign up!


Rhôneweg 6, Amsterdam