Action Training in Eindhoven

Action Training Training or Lecture

29 June 2024

10:00 to 14:00

Hurksestraat 20-50, Eindhoven, Nederland

Dutch spoken

Price: Free

Registration is required
Especially suited for new rebels

Training in peaceful civil disobedience. Once you have done these, you can safely participate in XR actions.

On June 29 we will give an Action Training in Eindhoven. If you want to participate in our civil disobedience actions (with a risk of arrest) it is important that you follow an action training. After participating in this training, you will know how actions work and you can decide for yourself whether and how you want to participate.

During this training you will learn:
🌻Why we do what we do and how we do it;
🌻How to prepare for an Extinction Rebellion action;
🌻What non-violence means to you personally, what it is for Extinction Rebellion and what tactics go with it;
🌻How a simple blockage works and what happens to you;
🌻How you can take care of yourself and others during an action;
🌻How an arrest works and what you should and shouldn't do
🌻What the legal consequences of an action can be.
After the training you will be prepared to participate in an Extinction Rebellion action.

👧 For whom?!
New rebels that want to participate in upcoming actions. Many new rebels have questions about the legal consequences of civil disobedience. The basics of this will be discussed during this training. Each action is usually preceded by a briefing, in which the consequences of the action in question are discussed in more detail.

Practical information: Saturday, June 29, 10:00 - 14:00 with trainer Emma.
Location: Rebelbase in Eindhoven, Hurksestraat 20 (Unit 50). Is the gate closed? Then call +31 40 240 5224
Registration: To participate in the action training, mail to

Lunch: Bring your own or something to share.
Registration is required


Rebelbase Eindhoven, Hurksestraat 20-50, Eindhoven, Nederland