ASL4 – Tipping points: what to be afraid of and what can save us

Chaired by Dr Aaron Thierry, Scientist for XR
* Prof Tim Lenton, Director Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter
* Prof Simon Lewis, Department of Geography, University College London , University of Leeds
* Dr Ilona M. Otto, institutional and political economy, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
10 years ago, scientists identified 16 potential tipping points in the earth system that could spell disaster. Today, there is evidence that 9 of these are already active.
Join us to learn all about tipping points: What should we (and should not) worry about? How does their existence affect the environmental movement? And do they really mean it’s too late to act?
Shifts in ideas and values can, under the right conditions, suddenly bring about massive changes in human behaviour. This has happened in the past; can it happen again and bring us back from the brink?
### This is Episode 4 in the “Ask a Scientist Live” series, organised by XR Scientists ###
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June 29


17:00 - 18:00


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