Mayor Dijsselbloem, declare a climate emergency!

Eindhoven, August 2030

Residents of Eindhoven,

We did it!

September 2022, thousands of residents of Eindhoven called on our new mayor Jeroen Dijsselbloem to declare a climate emergency. We stood with many concerned citizens on the Stadhuisplein to express our concern about the rapidly escalating climate crisis.

And with success. Our demand was heard! Thanks to concerted action by the municipality, government and citizens, Eindhoven will now, in 2030, be more social and greener. We are proud that we did not wait, but took action so that our city is now liveable and combats global warming.

  • Roofs got solar panels, streets became greener.
  • Community gardens were established and many trees were planted.
  • An inventive water plan was rolled out that provided the city with more cooling and trees and animals could find more water.
  • Our air has become cleaner.
  • The smart Brainport region took responsibility, creating many green jobs.
  • Residents became healthier and neighborhoods cozier.


That’s not necessary! We, concerned citizens of Eindhoven, united under ‘Climate crisis coalition Eindhoven’ therefore call on you to come to Stadhuisplein on 13 September. At the start of the first council meeting of the municipality with our new mayor, we send out a green signal en masse by claiming our demand with green flags:

Mayor Dijsselbloem, declare a climate emergency!

Come too! Reinforce our demand for a future-proof sustainable city and the declaration of a climate emergency.

Until 13 SEPTEMBER 2022

Where: Town Hall Square  7 p.m.


Klimaatcrisis coalitie (KCC) Eindhoven


September 13


19:00 - 20:00

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Eindhoven, klimaatnoodtoestand


Extinction Rebellion Eindhoven

Email: Phone: 06 1399 2871



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