Green Week Kick Off Parade

Friday 18th November at 15:00 starts the Green Week: During this performative action we’ll walk through the city in festive attire to the beat of RoR, fill the streets with Civil Discobedience dancing and street painting.

You can participate as a drummer, dancer or just for fun! Dress code colourful and wild disco style.

Drumming workshop by Rhythms of Resistance (RoR) takes place in Friday 18th at 10:30 – 13:00 at Plutolaan 329 for free! Reserve a spot!

Everyone is welcome to join our family-friendly Green Week event, either for a moment or for the entire actions.

ENGLISH: You can find all information and route of the Kick Off Parade here:

IN HET NEDERLANDS: Alle informatie en route van de Kick Off Parade vind je hier

Our dance will be performed to the music of Staying Alive and to the choreography of XR’s Civil Discobedience.
There are one more dance practices at Plutozaal, Plutolaan 329.
Tuesday 15th, from 20:00 to 20:50.

You can also learn the dances with these tutorial videos:

Civil Discobedience Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Why this Green Week? Once again Black Friday has expanded into Black Week. XR prefers more environmental friendly weeks! Extinction Rebellion wants to raise awareness of the harms of overconsumption: it is a disaster for the climate. Because mass-produced goods are shipped in from far away, leading to unnecessary transport kilometres. Most goods are made of climate-unfriendly materials that pollute and grow mountains of plastic and electronic trash. Also production conditions and pay are often inhumane.

Green Week ends with a Silent March with Red Rebels 25th November.

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November 18


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