Integration Workshop: How do you welcome new rebels?

Integration Training Training or Lecture

17 May 2023

19:30 to 21:00


Price: Free

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Every week dozens of people sign up to become part of XR. Yet not all of them become active. A survey shows that many new rebels do not feel well informed and supported. As an integrator you jump in here, you welcome new rebels within the movement, inform them about how Extinction Rebellion works and support them in finding their way within the movement.

Would you enjoy welcoming, informing & supporting new rebels? Then the role of integrator might suit you very well! Even if you are new to the movement, you can be a very good integrator. A good integrator is not recognized by knowledge or experience, but by the following character traits:

  • Social and empathic

  • Organized

  • Curious and inquisitive

  • Supportive and responsible

Do you recognize yourself to some extent in these characteristics? And would you be interested to start welcoming new rebels? Then be sure to sign up for the workshop!

Sign up for the workshop here, you can do so until May 15. The workshop will take place online in English, and the meeting link will be sent via email in advance.


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