Juli 27th: Les Rebelles Vegetales (Potluck)

Social Gathering

27 June 2024

18:30 to 21:00

Hurksestraat 20 (unit 50), 5652 AK Eindhoven, Nederland

Dutch & English spoken

Price: Voluntary payment

Registration is required
New rebels are welcome

Share your favorite dish!

Hello dear rebels!

The cooking circle would like to invite you for a potluck at the rebelbase, Thursday the 27th of June. During a potluck everybody is intended to bring some food to share with everybody. So, share your favorite dish! There's limited space to (re)heat the foodstuffs, so, please, keep that in mind.

Please, feel free to bring your friends and acquaintances! If everybody brings enough food for one person, there should be enough for everybody to try some of the different foodstuffs!

We'd like to ask you to reserve a ticket, so we get a notion of how many people we can count on.

We hope to see you there!!!

With love and appetite for change,

the cooking circle.

Registration is required


Rebelbase Eindhoven, Hurksestraat 20 (unit 50), 5652 AK Eindhoven, Nederland