Lenterebellie Kick-Off Rotterdam

We are in the midst of a climatic and ecological crisis, but politics and media are treating it with insufficient urgency. With our upcoming Spring Rebellion we therefore demand more transparent, matter-of-fact communication about the state of our climate and our ecosystems.
The 26th of February we are kicking off with a Moving Blockade. Curious to know what this entails, and keen to participate? Then add yourself to this action’s signal group for more information ( https://signal.group/… ).
It is advisable to prepare for this non-violent, direct action by taking part it an actiontraining. Extinction Rebellion Utrecht is organising one on Sunday the 21st of February (11.00 – 14.00): https://fb.me/e/246OfedEq

February 26


12:00 - 14:00

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Extinction Rebellion Rotterdam

Email: rotterdam@extinctionrebellion.nl

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