Nonviolence & De-escalation Training: 1:1, large crowd tactics & the Drama Triangle

3hrs: De-escalation and Nonviolence Training Bumper session!
Nonviolence is one of the core principles which is non-negotiable for everyone who wants to take action under the name of XR. De-escalation is a key skill for anyone involved in any action. It helps maintain nonviolent interactions and atmosphere.
XR’s nonviolence has both a strategic and ethical dimension: Strategically, nonviolence is an effective tool in mass mobilisations, as evidenced by social science research. Upholding nonviolent tension means actively creating a respectful culture and basis for trust whilst also exposing and confronting injustice. Ethically, XR takes the view that by undertaking the conscious, often challenging work of removing violence from the way we act and interact, we can connect more deeply and positively with each other and the world around us. Through this deliberate practice, we can model, or ‘prefigure’, the future we hope to create.
This training will cover NVC Breathe 1:1 de-escalation, large crowd tactics and the Drama Triangle.
It will provide:
• a deeper understanding of nonviolence
• practical de-escalation skills for maintaining nonviolence with small groups and individuals
• practical de-escalation skills for large crowds
• a brief introduction to Non Violent Communication
• one-on-one de-escalation with a range of different scenarios
• exploring, in an embodied way, our relationship to conflict through the roles of the Drama Triangle (Victim/Persecutor/Rescuer) and how we might resource them with their archetypal antidotes to move towards a more conscious place of potential transformation.
Although this will be an online training we will be making use of our bodies! Please make sure you have some space near your screen to stand up, move about a bit and stretch your arms out.
We will have two short breaks in the session to take an eye break, get tea etc.

August 23


11:00 - 14:00

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Extinction Rebellion



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