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Advertising is responsible for the overconsumption that drives the climate and ecological crisis. It plays with our emotions, convinces us that happiness is only ever a single purchase away, and lets us work hard to pay for that short-lived happiness. It promotes harmful products such as fast food and alcohol, and greenwashes the image of fossil companies. And it perpetuates stereotypes of class, gender and race, and promotes unhealthy beauty ideals.
Moreover, it is a textbook example of how corporations, not citizens, are responsible for the climate and ecological crisis – and for many other social problems.
That’s why, starting in December, we are taking action against commercial advertising in the public space. Coronaproof, and spread throughout Amsterdam. Rapidly escalating, to force the municipal government to take action. And together, each in our own time and with our preferred tactics: because we need everyone for this.
To shape this campaign, we are organizing an open meeting on Wednesday, December 2nd, from 19.30 to 21.00. Here we will present a campaign plan, split up into small groups to add onto the plan, and think of how everyone can contribute to it. The plenary parts are in English, and there will be a few English-speaking breakout rooms.
So, whether you’re an old-school rebel or interested in taking action against the climate and ecological crisis for the first time: be there!
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Want to know more about advertising in advance? Check out this literature review:

December 2


19:30 - 21:00

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Extinction Rebellion Amsterdam




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