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As a warm-up for the demonstration on June 19, our Climate Crisis Coalition (KCC) in Eindhoven is organizing a pre-demonstration. This photogenic action will take place on Sunday 12 June from 13:30 – about 13:50 on the platform of the Catharinakerk.

We call on as many people as possible to come to the Catharinakerk, preferably dressed in green. This pre-demonstration has the character of a relaxed photo session from the trans of the church tower. There will be a very large banner that calls for ‘Rotterdam’. We are around this in a group, preferably as large as possible. One or two people give a short speech, among other things about the ambitious intention to make Eindhoven climate neutral by 2030.

We can all share this image with the call to travel to Rotterdam on June 19th and with the banners of all groups that support the KCC. We share it with the press. With that, we call on all our friends and family members to join us on June 19 in Rotterdam.

The national climate march will take place in Rotterdam on 19 June. It starts at 1:00 PM on the Binnenrotte. This is 1.3 km from Central Station. For those who want to, we travel together from Eindhoven Central Station by train from 11:14 am from track 5.

The climate crisis is now. Heat records are broken again and again and the consequences are serious. In the Netherlands, people lost their homes due to flooding in Limburg, and elsewhere droughts lead to famines and forest fires destroy communities of people and animals. The blows mainly fall on people who have the least means to defend themselves against these dangers. Within our national borders, but above all far beyond. Yet the Netherlands has been doing too little to prevent this for years. In fact, the Dutch government is only making the crisis worse. This must stop immediately!

We demand fair climate policy. We can fight the climate crisis and give everyone in the Netherlands and beyond a dignified life. But, this does not happen automatically. Mass protests can get politics moving. That is why we are building a strong movement that puts people and the climate above the profits of major polluters. On June 19, we will take to the streets en masse in Rotterdam, exactly 30 years after the first climate conference. While politicians keep talking, we spring into action. Join us!


June 12


13:30 - 13:50

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Extinction Rebellion Eindhoven

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