Webinar: Introduction Sociocracy

Organizing in XR Training Training or Lecture

5 July 2024

10:00 to 11:30


Dutch spoken

Price: Free

Registration is required
Especially suited for new rebels

The Sociocracy circle will organise an online introduction workshop about sociocracy.

XR aims for a structure where autonomous circles are organised as much as possible in a sociocratic way. To give as many people as possible a first impression about sociocracy, we changed this online moment into a webinar instead of a workshop.

As a local group or XR community you can also request a workshop to get really get started with this! Send us an email about this xrnlsos21@protonmail.com

What will be covered, among other things:

  • The basic principles of sociocracy

  • Consent decision-making and the sociocratic meeting structure

  • The organisational structure of circles and roles

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Registration is required


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