XR interactive seminar, Spreading the word on Citizens’ Assemblies

As the general election approaches, a growing coalition of politicians, experts, and campaigners are declaring their support for XRNL’s third demand – the establishment of a citizens’ assembly to take the lead on climate and ecological justice. Now it is crucial to keep the pressure on, both to ensure that the citizens’ assembly becomes a reality and that it is not just symbolic, but rather has a broad mandate and real power.
A broad outreach, media, and coalition building campaign is already underway to pressure politicians to adopt a strong and meaningful citizens’ assembly to address the climate and ecological crises. While the campaign is so far mostly at the national level, the next step is to roll it out to different cities and regions. For this we need YOU!
This event will bring together local Outreach & Training teams (and any other interested rebels) from all around the country to brainstorm on how we can roll out outreach on citizens’ assemblies at local level around the country. The programme will include:
Presentation explaining what citizen’s assemblies are, why we are demanding one, and how XR believes they should be designed
Overview of the national media and outreach campaign on citizens’ assemblies
Brainstorm session on how to implement outreach at local levels around the country.
The third core demand of extinction rebellion is the request for a citizen assembly on climate. But what is a citizen assembly? Does it have effective power? Why is it the right way forward and not just a postponement of clear demands? In this webinar we will discuss about all of these issues, particularly relevant now that the Spring Rebellion is approaching. We hope many rebels will join us and ignite the exchange of ideas!
Zoom details:
Topic: XR: Citizen Assembly meeting
Time: Feb 17, 2021 08:00 PM Amsterdam
Meeting ID: 856 4279 9773

February 17


20:00 - 21:30

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Extinction Rebellion

Email: info@extinctionrebellion.nl



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