XR Nonviolent Communication – Introduction & practice – 21 February 2022 (free & online) – English

Dear rebels,

How do you stay true to yourself and interact with others in a compassionate way when addressing the climate and ecological crisis?
What can you do when someone gets angry about it, or you get emotional yourself?

* This NVC introduction is for people who want to contribute to Extinction Rebellion (XR). XR is a nonviolent social movement addressing the climate and ecological crisis. For that, it is helpful to develop skills that help to act and respond consciously and minimize harm.

Nonviolent Communication can be a tool to communicate in full honesty and with compassion to ourselves and others. This course is where I will share the beginner steps of what I believe is a beautiful life language. I will share tools that will support you in listening to yourself and others, expressing yourself and making requests, and understanding more about your feelings and the needs behind those feelings.

In this introduction, I have the intention to touch on the following topics:

– becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings
– getting to know the message behind your feelings
– learning how to navigate conflicts
– getting clarity about what is important for you
– the art of listening empathically to yourself and others
– being radically honest and in deep empathy at the same time

We will address:
– The 4 steps in NVC (observation, feeling, need, request)
– The 4 ways to listen to a message

If you want to read more about Nonviolent Communication, you can follow this link:

The introductory training is a one-day event and takes place online via Zoom. These hours are for learning and practising NVC. We will have several breaks to move the body, eat, drink, visit the restroom, etc.

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I am looking forward to meeting you. Warmly, Tamara

*** Extra note: This training will be recorded for training purposes and will only be shared with my assessor on my certification path. If you have questions about this, please let me know.


February 21


9:30 - 15:00

Event Category:

Talk, Training


Extinction Rebellion NL

Email: message@tamaracatharina.com



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