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The finances for Extinction Rebellion Netherlands are managed by Stichting Vrienden van XR.

Contact details

Account holder
Stichting Vrienden van XR
NL86 SNSB 0783 1486 74
Chamber of Commerce registration number
Postal address
Postbus 19, NL-6663 ZG Lent, the Netherlands
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The purpose of the foundation is;

  1. To support financially or materially initiatives that seek to raise awareness about the climate crisis;
  2. to perform all further actions in support of the Extinction Rebellion movement.

The Foundation seeks to achieve its purpose by:

  1. Raising donations and funds;
  2. (partially) reimbursing costs incurred by the movement for:

    • promotional material;
    • organizing meetings and training courses;
    • conducting (protest) actions and demonstrations;
    • legal proceedings (not fines);
    • movement building, such as the rental of premises;
    • volunteer expenses and volunteer living allowances.

The foundation has no profit motive.

Board members

Mr Jan Bergstra
Other positions: Lid RvT Stichting Vogelopvang Utrecht; Voorzitter bestuur Stichting PATO; Lid Academia Europaea; lid KNAW; Zelfstandig onderzoeker @ Minstroom Research Utrecht
Mr Jouwert van Geene
Main position: Global Partnership Facilitator van Right2Grow bij Stichting The Hunger Project Nederland
Mr Harry Willemse
Main position: Productmanager Software for Service Providers
Other position: voorzitter sportvereniging
General board member
Ms Angelique Cloosterman
Main position: Interim teamcoach, adviser, trainer; currently in HBO

Remuneration policy

The Board members are not compensated for their work. Any expenses incurred in relation to their work for the Foundation will be reimbursed.

The work towards accomplishing the Foundation’s objectives is carried out by volunteers. The Foundation does not employ any staff.

Activities carried out

Among other things, the Foundation carries out the following activities:

  • Having volunteers organize lectures about the current state of climate change and associated ecological issues
  • Having volunteers organize training sessions about effective ways of campaigning and protesting in order to raise awareness of climate change and associated ecological issues
  • Financially supporting protests and other actions by volunteers that, in non-violent ways, raise awareness of climate change and associated ecological issues
    • Such support is realized by reimbursing expenses incurred by volunteers for materials, publicity, and such-like.
    • Such support is also realized by advancing expenses for materials, publicity, and such-like for volunteers.
    • For larger protests and other actions that require longer preparation, support is realized by compensating volunteers organizing those activities through providing a volunteer’s allowance of no more than EUR 170 per month and EUR 1,700 per year, in accordance with Dutch regulations regarding compensation of volunteers.
  • Making IT infrastructure available to volunteers that, in non-violent ways, are raising awareness of climate change and associated ecological issues
  • Making it financially possible to rent spaces for volunteers who, in non-violent ways, are raising awareness of climate change and associated ecological issues
  • Acquiring donations and funding for carrying out the above activities as detailed under “Fundraising and management” in the Policy Plan
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Stichting Vrienden van XR is recognised by the supervisory body CBF.
Find our CBF-accreditation here

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As of 28 February 2020, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration has designated Stichting Vrienden van XR a Public Benefit Organisation (“ANBI”).

Policy Plan and budget

Financial accountability

Budget requests and reimbursements

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