Get active!

1. Get Trained!

  • Learn more about XR! Watch our powerful talk ‘Heading for Extinction and What to do About it’ online, or go to an event! Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date.
  • Prepare for actions by going to a non-violent direct action (NVDA) training! Keep track of our upcoming events to find out when and where they are happening.
  • Become a speaker for XR yourself by attending a speaker training.

2. Get Organised!

  • Get in touch with your local group or go to an introduction event.
  • Join one of the local or national working circles or check out which specific volunteer roles you can fill.
  • Not sure how you can help? Feel free to send an email to with any questions.

3. Get on the streets!

  • Join us for actions big and small. We need to mobilise 3.5% of the population, so everyone counts!
  • Take local action! Anyone can take action in name of XR as long as you agree to our Principles & Values.