Hi fellow rebel, (aspiring) integrator. This page is created for (aspiring) integrators to help them become a great integrator and support them in the process of integrating new rebels.

Always remember:

  • The main goals of integration are to welcome, inform and support new rebels
  • We must always prioritize the well-being of a rebel over the contribution they might be able to make. 
  • More about the goals of integration can be found here.

1. How to integrate new rebels?

  1. How can you integrate new rebels? -> Read all about the 4 steps of integration
    Note: are you a local integrator? -> Contact the national integration circle to get access to a spreadsheet with rebels from your neighborhood
  2. How can you prepare for effective integration? -> Read all about why you should create a base document of your group
  3. What information do new rebels need to know about XR in general? -> Check the getting started page for information like the structure of XR, hand signals, digital tools like mattermost and much more!
  4. What pitfalls should you avoid while integrating?
  5. Background information: what happens exactly when new rebels sign up on the website?

2. How to get support as an integrator?

  1. How can your group make the integration process easier? -> Check the list of things the group can do here, like publishing events, organizing working sessions and more
  2. How can the national integration circle support you? -> Read all about how you can reach the integration circle and how you can reach other integrators! Questions: sent them to

3. How can you become an integrator?

  1. What qualities do you need to have to be a good integrator? -> spoiler: read all about the need to show empathy and be supportive and responsible
  2. What types of integrators exist and what are the differences? -> Read about the differences between 1) General integrators (local & national), 2) circle integrators, 3) action integrators
  3.  How you can become an integrator? -> read about the steps to take

Feedback on this page?

Any ideas on how to improve to integration process and all resources? Please fill in this form!