Rebel Without Borders

Join the international climate rebellion

Begins 7 October '19

Museumbrug, Amsterdam
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Our governments are not doing nearly enough to combat the climate- and ecological crisis. That’s why, from 7 October 2019, thousands of people will take to the streets of Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York and other cities worldwide to pressure our governments to take the climate crisis seriously. We’ll be rebelling in a peaceful, creative and safe way and we need all the help we can get.


Are you concerned about the climate as well? Then join us at the Museumbrug in Amsterdam. The action will be attended by a wide audience, from worried students to concerned grandparents. Everyone is welcome to join for either a few hours, a day or even for the full time until it ends.

Wanna join? Let us know you’ll be there by signing up below.

We’ll send you an e-mail with practical information before the action


We’re currently on a path of catastrophic climate change and mass extinction, instead of hitting 1,5 degree warming, we’re headed towards 4 degrees, which will greatly affect the lives of everyone and everything on the planet. Radical change is necessary but our government is not responding fast enough, read our demands below.

  1. TELL THE TRUTH about the climate and ecological crisis that threatens our existence and communicate the urgency for change.
  2. ACT NOW to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025 in a just and fair manner.
  3. LET CITIZENS DECIDE by establishing a Citizen’s Assembly which takes the lead on climate and ecological justice.


Extinction Rebellion is an international movement of people like you and me. The movement was founded in the UK in 2018 and now we’re active in 525 cities in 58 countries. We’re growing fast. We carry out peaceful, non-violent, disruptive actions to pressure governments into protecting all life on this planet.


If you’re planning on joining Rebel Without Borders, you can find all practical information below. For more information about our movement or if you have any other questions, contact us.
At the Museumbrug in front of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, we’ll set up a peaceful, creative, multiple day blockade. Throughout the action, there will be music and theatre performances, speeches and a wide range of activities, including a VR cinema and an escape room.

We'd love to see you on your bike but if you choose to come by public transport, take Tram 2 or 12 from Central Station and exit at the Rijksmuseum tram stop, or take Metro 52 and exit at Vijzelgracht.

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Yes! However, it would help us very much if you let us know you’re coming, that way we know how many people will arrive and we can make proper arrangements.
We will set up the blockade early in the morning. We need many people at that time to help, so it’s great if you can be there from the start. There will be places to stay overnight in Amsterdam on October 6th, so everyone can be there on time. More information about the exact time and about sleeping spots will be sent around in the coming weeks, make sure to sign up to be kept up to date.
Yes! You can show up at any time and any day, it’s up to you whether to just visit for a day, multiple days or stay for the whole time. However, it’s ideal if as many people are present at the start on October 7th.
Yes! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, water, coffee and tea will be provided. However, on the first day, you would have to bring your own lunch. All meals will be vegan and delicious. Food is arranged based on donation, so it approximately comes down to 7€ per person per day, so please bring enough cash to cover that. Also feel free to bring additional snacks or drinks to share with your fellow rebels. One rule, we won’t have any alcohol at Rebel Without Borders, we want to avoid people being drunk at the action.
Everyone who’s staying overnight can sleep at the action area. We’ll arrange all facilities; places to sleep, toilets, food and drinks. You just need to bring the following things: sturdy waterproof shoes, rain trousers, warm (rain) jacket, warm clothes, donation money for vegan food (approx € 7,- per day), water (3L), lunch for the first day, sleeping bag, sleeping mattress, a tent (please share), ID card (if you choose not to stay anonymous), bicycle.

When joining for multiple days, it’s highly recommended to join an Affinity group: a group of 4-12 people that stick together during the action and give each other support throughout. You can join as an individual or as a group and get the required training by filling in one of the forms below

Individuals form
Groups form


We need all the help we can get to make Rebel Without Borders as big and successful as possible. If you want to help out more, check out what you can do:

Invite your friends

Rebelling is way more fun and more effective when we do it together. Share that you’re participating on social media and Whatsapp, or copy the link and send it to your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.


We need people to help with a lot of different things, from arranging sleeping places to giving speeches. Check out the volunteer page for more info.



Running an action as big as this involves a lot of logistics, we need to rent toilets, arrange sleeping spots, buy food and drinks, create art installations and arrange a multitude of other things. Supporting us financially is highly appreciated.