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If you want to know more about XR Netherlands, or build skills that are useful within XR, you can request a training or workshop by filling out this form. When you fill this out, we will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule the event. You will find more information about what we can offer below.

There may already be workshops/trainings taking place in your area. Check out our events page!

Workshop: heading for extinction and what to do about it

This workshop is an excellent introduction to Extinction Rebellion; for many, it was the first way to get to know more about the ecological crisis, why XR was started, and what we stand for. The recommended time for the workshop is 90 minutes: it consists of a 45-60 minute talk, followed by a group discussion. The talk will include information about the latest findings in (social) science, and puts these into their historical and moral context. After the workshop, people should feel emboldened to become active for XR, and comfortable with its principles.

When you request the talk, we will provide a speaker and can help promoting, while we ask you to take care of location, projector, and most of the promotion. Most of the time, you should be able to hold the talk within two weeks of your request.

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NVDA training

We are preparing for our first action of mass civil disobedience around April 15th. Those who want to take more risks in this action (i.e. run the risk of being arrested), should be well-informed and trained. The NVDA training that we can offer covers the legal, technical, and emotional aspects of non-violent direct action. A training should take at least a whole afternoon (5 hours).

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