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Coordinator ‘Democratic Renewal and Climate Justice’

Future of Democracy, XR NL


Responsibilities and tasks: 1. Roadshow - High Effort o Organize talks, webinars, panel discussions and other events that match the momentum within the movement and in society. o Actively engage local groups and outsiders in further spreading our message by organising speaker trainings and coalition building, among other things. 2. Public Campaign- High Effort, put on the public agenda a Citizens Council 2025 by: o Spreading our message through XR Social Media o Ensuring high quality material of videos, post, booklets etc. Stimulating opinion pieces How can we continue to claim citizens' deliberation as a subject? Actions around the citizens' consultation 3. Citizens' Council Strategy - Medium Effort o Determine strategy on our communication about citizens' councils o Further develop the design of the citizens' council: what would an ideal climate council look like? o Maintain the 'archive' as on MM and the website 4. Trainings - High effort o Organizing Self-Organizing-Systems trainings o Organizing Art of Hosting trainings o Organizing DeepDemocracy & Processwork trainings 5. Local Citizen Councils support - Medium Effort o Supporting local groups in their contact with local politicians on the subject of citizens' councils o Decentralized strategy: around which topics to organize citizens' councils? o Support local groups with Resources around Citizens' Councils • Share blueprints • List of organizations and experts • Citizens' Councils Guide


Strategic considerations: Especially since the September Rebellion of 2020, the momentum for Citizens' Councils or Citizens' Forums is growing. Several parties have included citizens' councils in their election program. The Brenninkmeijer Committee has given a predominantly positive advice. More and more municipalities are starting to experiment with citizens' forums and there is interest from provincial councils and water boards as well. But how do we ensure that there is a good quality Citizens' Council on Climate & Environment and that it does not become a 'glorified public consultation evening'? How do we ensure that citizens' councils are not used to implement a weak climate agreement, but are actually used to allow 'citizens to decide on a just climate policy'? How do we ensure that the process is politically embedded (mandate) and that the questions are not based on outdated assumptions (such as the Climate Act)? And how do we ensure that the citizens' consultation is focused on the realization of net zero in 2025 and an end to biodiversity loss? To realize this, the project "Democratic innovation and climate justice" has been set up (see the task description below). Financial opportunities: in recent months, several fund requests have been made to realize this project. And with success! Because of this financial support it would be possible to realize VVL's allowances, each for a duration of 3 months. With the current formation, it is important to have a quick and good quality pressure, that is why it is recommended to extend this project. IMPORTANT: The money that will be used for the VVL allowances comes from the funds that were specifically requested for this project. This means that no money from the XRNL crowdfunding will go to this project, but only the funds already set aside for this project.


Job requirements - Knowledge of and experience with citizens' councils and deliberative democracy and sociocracy - Communicative - Good command of Dutch and English - Creative - Motivating and stimulating - Driven - Has been an active member of the team for at least one month or fulfilled a related role - Available on short notice

Time commitment

21–30 hours / week


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