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Coordinator Inclusion and Power

Inclusion & Power, XR NL


Responsibilities will be decided in collaboration with the other circle members and depend on your personal interests and talents. They can include the following: • Organise a train-the-trainer to build capacity and knowledge of anti-oppression and climate justice in XR, particularly in local groups; • Organise and facilitate dialogues or trainings in all of the (major) local groups of XR on the story, strategy and structure of XR, taking into account anti-oppression, antiracism, accessibility and related topics; • Develop a process to adopt a 4th demand on climate and ecological justice, in line with the efforts of Decolonise XR Global on this front; • Develop an introduction talk about climate justice and the strategy and structure of XR aimed at informing and recruiting new members; • Organise events, actions and workshops for the next rebellion week in line with I&P priorities.


Inclusion & Power is the XRNL circle that seeks to build awareness around inclusivity, power relations and anti-oppression, both in relation to the climate and ecological crisis and within our movement itself. You will be working alongside other members of the circle to implement its goals in the run-up to the next rebellion week in fall 2021.


Requirements • We are looking for someone who can work independently and is able to take initiatives on some of the responsibilities mentioned above, yet who is also able to delegate responsibilities and work as part of a team. • Good interpersonal and written communication skills are important, as well as the ability to use different digital tools or willingness to learn (e.g. Zoom, NextCloud, MatterMost) • We’d like you to contribute from your own expertise and/or lived experience related to oppression and social justice, to our circle and XR as a whole. • Being able to communicate in Dutch is preferred but not necessary. Being able to communicate in English is also preferred, but not necessary. Ideally you are comfortable with both, but at least one is required. • We particularly encourage people to apply who feel that their background, skillset, identity or experience are currently underrepresented in XR.

Time commitment

21–30 hours / week


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