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Coordinator of outreach to public figures and organizations

Outreach & Training, XR NL


The coordinator will be responsible for facilitating and coordinating the development and implementation of a strategy to enhance XRNLs outreach to public figures and other organizations. They will seek input from and facilitate agreement with local outreach working circles on the content of the strategy, as well as coordinating with members of the National Outreach and Training circle. Following the development of the strategy, they will coordinate its implementation with both the national circle and the various local circles.


The coordinator will be part of the National Outreach and Training Working Circle. If needed, they can seek support from other circle members in developing and implementing the strategy and can also recruit other volunteers from within XRNL. The National Outreach and Training Working Circle usually meets every two weeks via videoconference.


No specific experience required. The ideal candidate will be proactive and a good organizer and communicator. Existing networks with relevant organizations or public figures a plus but not essential.

Time commitment

1–5 hours / week


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