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Creative Project Manager

Media & Communications, XR NL


- Support in setting up a creative project agency within Extinction Rebellion NL - Setting up communication structures between designers, and within the movement - Gathering designers in these communication structures - Searching for design facilitators who receive requests & link them to designers


Scattered around the movement are all kinds of talented makers: illustrators, videographers, photographers, writers, translators, graphic designers, video editors, etcetera. Because of this spread, collaboration with makers is often based on personal relationships instead of organizational structures. This makes finding a creator for your project difficult when you are unfamiliar with the movement, resulting in all kinds of substandard products by non-designers. In addition, it is also difficult for new creators to gain visibility or access to projects. As a result, creators that are well-known are too busy because they are overcharged, while the potential capacity of creators remains far unused. On top of this, rebels only knock on the makers door at a late stage in the process, which means that the creative people are more often than not seen as a last-minute production unit. We hope to be able to change this by bringing the creative process more to the forefront of a project. In order to improve this, we will set up a creative project agency in October - and we are looking for your help! With the help of some experienced rebels you will help to make the movement a bit more beautiful.


Being capable of asking questions; having some affinity with design

Time commitment

6–10 hours / week


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