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D3.js Graph developer – SRT

Outreach & Training, XR NL


SRT does not have any accountability other than wanting to be honest and to take responsibility for your own actions.


The SRT online platform plans to use D3.js to interactively showcase a structure of consensus and commitment. The goal is to gain transparency into the direction and construction of the movement and allow new and existing rebels to find a place where they want to contribute. The source for the graph is a json file generated from a collectively constructed SQL database. The plan is to use a circle packing graph, in which the circles represent a shared belief of a group. This is expressed in a commitment. Within the circle are other circles (commitments) that support that commitment. With each circle there are also initiatives that are active to manifest the commitment. Participants of the platform can also navigate through the graph to screens to interact with the database.


For this particular task, knowledge of D3.js or willingness to acquire it in the very near future. But other than that, anyone who wants to contribute something to the development of SRT is welcome. Do you know someone for this initiative? Than please do what is needed ;)

Time commitment

1–5 hours / week


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