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Design facilitator

Media & Communications, XR NL


- Receive creative project proposals and assess feasibility - Linking project proposals to creators in the movement - Ensure proper handling and reflection, and adjust the process accordingly - Archiving designs, and possibly making design tools (available) - Integrating new creative rebels into the movement


Scattered throughout the movement are all kinds of creators: illustrators, videographers, photographers, writers, translators, graphic designers, video editors, etcetera. In order to link these creators to rebels who need creatives, this month we are setting up a creative project agency for Extinction Rebellion NL: a place where creators can sign up for design tasks. As a design facilitator you supervise the creative process, bringing rebels from local groups and circles together with creative people from across the movement. In this way you make sure that design is central to everything Extinction Rebellion does, with which we effectively communicate our message. This also creates clarity about where creators are located and what qualities they have, so that work can be distributed among them.


Being able to ask questions; some affinity with the creative process

Time commitment

1–5 hours / week


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