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Integration, XR NL

Published on 15/03/2021

- Make the agenda for the next integration meeting and session with local group integrators. - Attend the integration meeting (once every 2 weeks) and session with local group integrators (once a month) - Facilitate the integration meeting & session with local group integrators.


The work of the national integration circle is crucial for increasing the size, resilience, and impact of Extinction Rebellion. In the integration circle, we work with local group integrators and new rebels to identify the problems that people face when joining the movement, and we develop solutions to those problems by writing guides, delivering trainings, developing digital tools and much much more. We need you for this role so that we can make it more easy, enjoyable and empowering for new people to join the movement, and, together, increase our chances of addressing the climate and ecological crisis.


- Speak and write both Dutch and English - Able to attend the meetings described in the role responsibilities - Experience with facilitation is desired, but not required.

Time commitment

1–5 hours / week


Contact the role aide to apply or to learn more about the role.