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Legal Observer

Legal, XR NL


*You will be present at actions to (literally) see if everything evolves in a legally correct way. You focus on the role of the public authorities, especially the police. *If necessary, you will make recordings of the actions of the police/other authorities. *You are in contact with the XR legal team and the XR police spokesperson present about your observations.


The legal observer observes the behavior of mainly the police during actions, and records them when needed. This is necessary to ensure that the monopoly of violence that the police have in our society is used in a proportional way. The role has both a de-escalating effect during the action itself (police know that there are eyes on them) and a monitoring role afterwards (by means of your images/statements). You will be trained for this role!


*Stress-resistant *strong communication skills *knowledge of regulations on protests are an advantage, but no requirement

Time commitment

1–5 hours / week


Get in touch with the role aide!