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Local circle mobilizer

Outreach & Training, XR NL


You will be responsible for coordinating with and mobilizing local outreach and training circles around the country. This includes: - Supporting local circles to strategize and set and meet outreach and training targets - Understanding what support local circles need and coordinating the efforts of the national circle to provide that support - Coordinating the development of guidelines and templates for local circles - Facilitating the sharing of lessons and successful practices with and between local circles, including through organizing regular workshops (online or in person) to bring local circles together - Developing and maintaining good relationships with local circle representatives


The national outreach & training circle is responsible for helping XRNL become a mass movement by reaching as many people as possible and bringing them into the movement, as well as to train them to become successful and effective rebels. Most of this outreach happens at local level, so as the national circle we need to focus on supporting the local circles to do this effectively. That is why we are looking for a new member who can coordinate directly with the local circles and help them achieve their potential.


No prior experience is required. We are looking for someone who is good at building and maintaining good relationships, is a natural facilitator, and is motivated to help our movement grow!

Time commitment

1–5 hours / week


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