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National Coordinator

Coordination Circle, XR NL


● Embody the XR NL, principles, values, and CC mandate. ● Have contact with all the national and regional circle representatives (reps.) of XRNL, actively inviting them to relevant meetings. ● Keep an eye on the time that people have held a role, and help setting up an evaluation when the time is right. ● Get agenda-points for the CC meetings from the reps and prepare it together with the national facilitator. This should be done in time to ensure people can read through the documents and leave comments prior to the meeting. Focus points for agenda setting (in coordination with the circles and groups who engage in these points ): - Movement strategy - Governance structure of XR - Operational tasks of XR, good execution of the rebellion etc. ● When relevant circles are not present at meetings when certain agenda points are raised, reschedule/link back/propose alternative decision making - again ensure to not overstep mandates. ● Make sure the CC acts in a coherent way and solves pressing issues that are relevant for the whole movement whilst not overstepping the mandate and working against the decentral power structures. This specifically includes keeping an eye on MM channels and solving any pressing issues that arise here. ● With mainly an inward focus (XR NL), together with the international link and with the support of the national facilitator, initiate the efforts to coordinate the XR NL rebellion week(s). ● Be the point of the contact of the CC for rebels in the movement. Coordinate people towards the place they need to be to solve their questions (so you do not need to solve everything yourself). ● Integrate new people in the CC. Go over the role of Representative, make sure they understand the two-way communication (bring to and from the CC). Also sending the Transition document to new people and making sure they are in the relevant – and updated - channels (signal, mattermost, nextcloud). Also ensure their phase out: make sure access rights transfer. ● Facilitating people to leave roles when they are not fulfilling their tasks/they repeatedly violate XR’s principles/refusing to partake in conflict resolution processes/they want to leave the role/etc. ● Ensure the roles are being filled ● If needed, help to kick-start the Rebellion Coordination structure and the evaluation of the rebellion


The national coordinator ensures that the CC functions well, in executing its work and within the movement in efficient collaboration with other circles. The national coordinator works closely together with the facilitator of the CC. It is advised to have two short meetings a week for this.

Time commitment

21–30 hours / week


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