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National Facilitator

Coordination Circle, XR NL


Main tasks: ● Holds meetings on track with an agenda (prepared with the Internal National Coordinator’s input) and structures decision-making processes. ● Takes responsibility for the emotional wellbeing of the Coordination Circle and makes sure to get in touch with people when emotional wellbeing is at stake. ● During meetings, maintain the principles of XR and the ‘Ways of Working’ that are derived from them. ● Translating bigger topics & strategy into smaller agenda points. ● Support the national and international coordinator in the initiation and efforts to coordinate the rebellion week(s). Subtasks: ● During the meeting, make sure someone is taking minutes (if secretary is not present) ● During meetings (but not exclusively): ○ Creates a space where people are committed to non-violent communication and treat each other with respect. ○ Creates the space and a culture of feedback from team members (and offering feedback to Role-fillers) ○ Ensures the autonomy of working groups and that everyone can contribute to the meeting. ○ Mitigates for power/personalities by enabling everybody to roughly have an equal say, rather than certain voices dominating the conversation. ○ First responsible for amending/making proposal (together with the coordinator) ○ Creates the condition to deal with conflict when it arises (can also deal with conflict if capable in this) ● Aims to ‘navigate by tension’ and finds a way to properly address these tensions in a constructive way. ● Supports the coordinator in the roles’ evaluation in case it’s needed ● Gives space to the Historical memory and perspective of more experienced members present in the CC


The national facilitator is responsible for the smooth execution of CC meetings.

Time commitment

6–10 hours / week


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