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National Secretary

Coordination Circle, XR NL


● Takes minutes during CC meetings, uploads these to NextCloud, and shares them to the Coordination Mattermost channel (public & private), including action points and important updates. ● Communicates regularly (roughly every two weeks) the decisions/requests made in CC meetings and by the national coordinator through updates on the Dorpsplein Mattermost channel (and any other relevant channels). ● Integrates new members of the CC, adding them to any relevant communication channels, making sure they have access to documents, and bringing them up to speed on current topics being discussed in the CC. ● Admin of the CC cloud: ○ Organizing files in the CC cloud. ○ Giving the facilitator, coordinator and international link access to the CC cloud.


The secretary is responsible for the effective preparation and follow-up of coordination circle meetings.

Time commitment

6–10 hours / week


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