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Outreach & training starting kit developer

Outreach & Training, XR NL


"A startup kit on outreach & training for (new) local groups collecting, developing and tracking through the following activities: - Collecting and updating existing information - Translate sources from other countries when relevant - Pass on relevant information to the local groups"


"There is a lot of information available within Extinction Rebellion on how to outreach and train people well and effectively. However, all this information is not always up to date and centrally available. There are also sources that are missing in Dutch, but are available in English. New or starting local groups can benefit a lot from this information. By bundling this information in a startup bundle you can help local groups to improve their outreach & training and we will grow faster as a movement! "


"You are part of the outreach & training circle. If you cant get out of something, there are always people ready to help. The following skills are very useful: - Skilled in both Dutch and English - somewhat good in document editing and the use of online platforms."

Time commitment

1–5 hours / week


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