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Publicity Campaign Citizins Assemblies

Political Strategy & Change, XR NL


You will help to set up and implement a large public campaign to put pressure on politicians to implement a citizens' assembly on climate and the environment.


1. Public campaign- High Effort, put on the public agenda a Citizen's Council on Climate and Environment 2. Citizens' Council Strategy - Medium Effort 3. Roadshow - High Effort For this role it is possible to qualify for a Voluntary Living Allowance (VVL) if required. Check:


The most important requirements are that we get someone with affinity to the public campaigns and Extinction Rebellion, someone who knows his way in communication and how to reach goals, someone who is available on short notice. Furthermore, it is an advantage if you - Have knowledge of and experience with citizens' councils and deliberative democracy and sociocracy - Experience with public campaigns - A good command of Dutch - Already an active member of an XR-team

Time commitment

21–30 hours / week


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