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Rebel Radio Programmer

Regenerative Culture, XR NL


As a programmer, you collect the content for rebel radio. Your role mainly involves coordination, delegation and supporting the content makers. You make a schedule for the show and keep an eye on the diversity and appeal of the content. This can include interviews, but also creative and regenerative items as well as music. There’s a lot of possibility to organise the content according to your own vision and ideas, but always in collaboration with the rest of the team. You also communicate with the host and make sure the content makers and guests have all the information they need.


Rebel Radio is an initiative from local groups from the South-West region, but we’re here for the entire movement. During (and after) the corona crisis we will broadcast our regenerative culture, creativity and interesting interviews into your living rooms. We have two live shows per week for now, on monday and thursday evening. We work with three sub-teams: tech, content and outreach. The programmer role is part of the content team, we have multiple programmers and how often you programme a show depends on your availability.


None. Basic excel skills and good organisational and communication skills will help.

Time commitment

1–5 hours / week


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