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Research assistant

Fundraising, XR NL


Friendraising is the new Fundraising. Supporting our team means that you are joining an exciting new project in our movement. Are you interested in exploring (new) potential opportunities that can help our movement grow? Great! We are searching for somebody with research skills that can identify potential donors and link them with our movements needs and priorities. While participation in weekly team meetings is great to also connect with each other, a lot of the work can be done very autonomously.


Seeing donors only as financial supporters falls short of their potential. They are friends of the rebellion and they want to make the world a more just place. We want to stronger embrace their ideas, expertise and networks. Currently, we are exploring new opportunities for our donor outreach and engagement, and we need support. Your support!


None. We look forward to hearing your ideas about how you can contribute to our team!

Time commitment

1–5 hours / week


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