Date(s) - 26/05/2019 - 27/05/2019
1:00 pm


Collective Intentional Visioning, for the Earth and all Life upon Her

Weaving a web of hope around our planet and making possibility real by our united belief in what can and will be.

Collecting all our pieces of deep green knowing, and using them to create a pool of hope for all.

Every Sunday at 1:00 in your own time zone, wherever you are… from now until doing this becomes a normal part of being alive, for everyone.

Mr Myrtle and I will take a sign, our globe, and a rug to sit on when there’s snow, and we will go sit together in a big green square downtown… holding space, holding our small painted planet, holding our collective vision of Life… Holding Hope.

We do this in connection with all of you doing the same wherever you are. We already have good company doing this all over the world, and we shall acquire more here too.

Please share, invite, repost, whatever you like. Thank you.


Sluit je aan bij de duizenden mensen die zinvolle actie ondernemen met Extinction Rebellion. Wie je ook bent of hoeveel tijd je ook hebt, er is een plek voor jou binnen onze beweging.

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