­čî▒Sunday 3 Sept: Active Hope introductory workshop­č¬Ě

Sociale bijeenkomst Training of lezing Vergadering

Prijs: Gratis

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This workshop gives an introduction to the 'Active Hope' work developed by the Buddhist ecophilosopher Joanna Macy. We will focus on exploring together three stories of our time, three ways of viewing our world, and how we relate to these. This can help us to see more clearly what choices we have and what we can do to sustain ourselves in the midst of these extraordinary times we live in. All our welcome.

Facilitation by Tet & Paula
Language: English (w/ Dutch translation of difficult words where needed)
When?: 14-17 (walk-in 13.45, please arrive early)
Where?: MuntMeesters, Leidsekade 117, Utrecht (this location is wheelchair accessible).
For questions/special needs: please let us know with a message beneath


Muntmeesters, Leidsekade 117, Utrecht, Netherlands