DNA training Pilot (ENG)

Curious about the ‘Story & Strategy’ of XRNL? For the past months we have been working on a DNA Training. This Thursday we are launching the pilot! The main purpose of the pilot is to test the DNA training and to receive feedback from different circles and people in XR, so we can refine it further. Are your relatively new? You are more than welcome too!
We will dive into things such as the history of XR and the environmental movement. As well as into the Strategy of XRNL and it’s ‘Theories of Change’.

The pilot will take place on Thursday May 20th from 15:00-18:00. The training itself is 2,5 hours, and we have reserved 30min. for feedback at the end. This is the first part of the DNA training which focuses on the Story & Strategy of XR. A second part on the Structure and ways of working is still being developed.

You can join with [this ZOOM link](https://eur-nl.zoom.us/j/98458762353?pwd=b0NUdkxGdjhqUjU5RlVvNUcvaFhsUT09).
Passcode: 243841


mei 20


15:00 - 18:00

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Extinction Rebellion NL

Email: info@extinctionrebellion.nl




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