Heading for Extinction - introduction talk (EN)

Training of lezing

26 maart 2023

15:00 tot 17:00

Boomgaardsstraat 69, Rotterdam

Prijs: Gratis

Speciaal voor nieuwe rebellen
The climate crisis. It's been talked about so much, and many people are working on it, but what's the real deal?

In the first part of this lecture, we give an overview of the state of the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis. Everything will be underpinned by scientific insights. You don't need any prior knowledge.

In the second part, we talk about Extinction Rebellion, a movement of citizens who see that a different approach is needed. What does Extinction Rebellion want to achieve, how do we want to do it, what are our values and principles, and why will this work?

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and talk after. Registration not necessary, but desirable.


Worm, Boomgaardsstraat 69, Rotterdam