Rebels of Colour is a safe space for people of colour within the climate movement. It is a space by people of colour for people of colour, where we can regenerate and find a community with shared and similar experiences to our own. We are explicitly anti-racist and decolonial, and stand in strong solidarity with indigenous peoples, the global south and people who are forcibly displaced by the climate crisis, colonialism and imperialism. We wish to find our place in the climate movement together, and find a way to be active without having to experience police brutality or ethic profiling.

At the moment, the Dutch climate movement is very white. But it doesn’t have to be. We want to provide a space where people of colour feel comfortable to join and engage in climate activism. The climate crisis hits BIPOC hardest, while BIPOC are historically least responsible for it. We want to fight for our families in the area’s that are hit hardest, we want to fight the system and not only a symptom of it and we want to be unapologetically ourselves while doing it.

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