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  1. The Government must tell the truth about how deadly our situation is, and must communicate the urgency for change: including what businesses, communities and individuals need to do. Ecological consciousness should be embedded in all education.
  2. As of now, the Government must enact legally-binding policies to year-on-year reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Netherlands to net zero by 2025. It must remove the excess of atmospheric greenhouse gases by regenerating ecosystems. It must reverse all policies and international agreements not in alignment with that position. It must cooperate internationally to create an economy which stays well-within planetary boundaries.
  3. The Government must enact and finance a Climate Delta-plan, committing to initiatives and mobilisation of a size and scope necessary to address the ongoing climate crisis. We do not however, trust our politicians to make the bold, swift and long-term changes necessary to achieve this. Hence, we demand a Citizens’ Assembly to oversee the changes, as we rise from the wreckage, creating a democracy fit for purpose.
  4. The Government should ensure the welfare of all living beings as it acts. It must make polluters pay for environmental and social damage and protect the livelihoods of people who may be disproportionaly affected.



We are you. We are human beings – from all corners of the country and abroad, of all age groups, from all walks of life. And we are concerned about the future of our planet, for the sake of our children, our species, and all life on this planet.

Our government is failing to act on the ongoing ecological crisis. We feel that we have a moral duty to rebel, no matter our political backgrounds, because this world needs ACTION NOW.

Join us and rebel for life.

We are the first generation to clearly see the impacts of climate change and most likely the last one being able to do something against it. Now more than ever before it is time to act, to Rebel for Life. Our survival will take everything we’ve got.

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