We’re facing an ecological crisis.
Our governments fail to act. So we, the people, are rising.

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We are a diverse group of ordinary people who work together to protect the life of our loved ones, the lives of millions of innocent people around the world, and the future of life on Earth. Through peaceful, creative and disruptive actions, we attempt to halt the effects of the climate and ecological crisis. We were founded in 2018 and growing fast, we are currently active in 54 countries and 631 cities worldwide.

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Join the thousands of people that are already taking real meaningful action with Extinction Rebellion. Whoever you are or however much time you have, there is a place for you within our movement.



Oct 14
JOIN XR Enschede
The week in the spirit of Rebel without Borders is not yet over and Extinction Rebellion is getting more and more media attention in the Netherlands and all around...
Oct 14

Open Meeting XR Den Haag
-English below-Extinction Rebellion (XR) is een vreedzame, geweldloze beweging die de overheid eist actie te nemen tegen de klimaatcrisis. In april organiseerde XR de grootste week van burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheid...
Oct 16
Oudegracht 99
Klimaatcrisis: “Hoe zit het en wat kunnen we doen?”
***English follows*** Een praatje over de realiteit van de klimaatcrisis en milieuvernietiging, gegeven door mensen betrokken bij Extinction Rebellion. We zullen een aantal recentere wetenschappelijke feiten en cijfers afgaan...
Oct 16
Brouwersstraat 115
Info-avond Extinction Rebellion Haarlem
Deze avond is voor iedereen die meer wil weten over actief worden binnen Extinction Rebellion. Er zijn veel manieren om bij te dragen! Tijdens deze avond kan je hier...
Oct 17
Voldersgracht 1
Heading for Extinction & what to do about it
A talk about the reality of the climate crisis and environmental destruction by people involved with Extinction Rebellion. We will discuss some of the latest scientific facts and figures...

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Your donation can make a big difference at Extinction Rebellion. Most of what we do relies on the generosity of donors. Because we are completely run by volunteers who are working tirelessly to fight the ecological crisis, we have very little overhead costs. This means your contribution is directly used for organising bigger and more impactful actions.

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