Hundreds of years of exploitation and destruction have brought us to the brink of the abyss. All over the planet people are losing their way of life, their environment, and their lives. We only have a few years left to avert the worst effects of the climate crisis, if we’re not already too late. The sixth mass extinction has begun. What we do in the next few years will determine the future of life on Earth.

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We are people from all over the country, of different ages and backgrounds. What unites us is a deep concern for the climate and ecological crisis and life on Earth. We are grandparents, parents, and children who are part of an international movement that fights for a livable and just planet.



Join the thousands of people that are already taking real meaningful action with Extinction Rebellion. Whoever you are or however much time you have, there is a place for you within our movement.

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Aug 17
Hurksestraat 20-50
General Meeting XR Eindhoven
XR Eindhoven meets every two weeks for the general meeting in which we discuss everything that is going on in our group. Would you like to watch or participate...
Aug 19

XRZ borrel en bijkletsavond
Gezelligheid staat voorop deze avond. Praat bij met (mede)rebellen of nog geen rebel? Kom eens langs als je wilt weten wie we zijn en wat we doen. Misschien is...
Aug 21

Welkom bij Extinction Rebellion // Welcome to XR
Maak jij je ook zorgen om de klimaat- en ecologische crisis? Ben je klaar met toekijken hoe politici en bedrijven ons naar de afgrond leiden? Zoals je weet pakken...
Aug 23
Van Herveltplaats 5
Potluck Dinner
Are you curious about Extinction Rebellion Nijmegen? Or are you already active and feel like socializing with fellow rebels? Bring some nice (vegan) food to share and come to...
Aug 23
Rhôneweg 6
Dinsdagdiner met / Tuesday dinner with de Sering
(English follows Dutch) WAT IS DE SERING? Elke dinsdagavond kun je voor een kleine donatie een tweegangen, vegan maaltijd bij ons krijgen (bij voorkeur contant). Tijdens de avond kan...