Emergency November

Set off the alarm with us

4 - 29 November '19

Van Heekplein, Enschede
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We are in the sixth mass extinction and we will face climate catastrophe if business goes on as usual. Our government is not doing remotely enough to avert this. We strike for life. For ourselves, for you, and for our (grand)children. Throughout November and leading to a final march on the 29, we will take it to the streets of Enschede. And to convince as many people as possible to join us, we need all the help we can get.


We’re currently on a path of catastrophic climate change and mass extinction. No level of warming is safe, but the plans made under the Paris agreement bring us to 3.2 degrees warming instead of the envisioned 1.5. And since nobody is on track to achieving these goals, we’re headed for 4 degrees.

And Enschede? Enschede has no concrete plan to be carbon neutral in 2050. Even their meager goals for 2023 are unlikely to be achieved. Such political inaction on the biggest challenge and threat of our generation is unaccaptable. We want the government to act now, read our demands below.


1 TELL THE TRUTH about the climate and ecological crisis that threatens our existence and communicate the urgency for change.

2 ACT NOW to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025 in a just and fair manner.

3 LET CITIZENS DECIDE by establishing a Citizen’s Assembly which takes the lead on climate and ecological justice.


Extinction Rebellion is an international movement of people like you and me. The movement was founded in the UK in 2018 and now we’re active in 631 cities in 54 countries. We’re growing fast. We carry out peaceful, non-violent, disruptive actions to pressure governments into protecting all life on this planet.


If you’re planning on joining our Emergency November, you can find some practical information below. For more information about our movement or if you have any other questions, contact us.
On Black Friday (November 29) we will join millions of people striking for climate around the world. Starting at 13:00 at the Van Heekplein, we will march across the city center of Enschede for 1 to 2 hours. Children and elderly are more than welcome. Feel free to join us for a picnic lunch at 12.30.
For all of November (and continuing afterwards), we're organizing creative and attention-grabbing activities to raise awareness for the climate- and ecological crisis, political inaction, and the need to go out into the streets. Please see the bottom of the page for ways to get involved!
We are looking into organizing a demonstration sign-making workshop in collaboration with AKI Academy of Art & Design. Please stay updated on our broadcasts or Facebook page for more on that!
The march is an initiative of Extinction Rebellion Enschede and is organized in collaboration with Green People and Fridays for Future. Any other groups wishing to join us are more than welcome to reach out! All the events leading up to the final march are organized by Extinction Rebellion Enschede.
Campaigning doesn't come cheap, so financial contributions are more than welcome. In the first place the money will be used to rent spaces for us to organize talks in and near Enschede, as well as for promotional material in the shape of flyers, posters, banners and paint. Once these costs are covered, we'll be able to attempt more ambitious (and effective) actions! If you'd like to know more, donate to a specific cause, or make a non-financial contribution? Mail us at xrenschede@protonmail, or call +31612371109!


We need all the help we can get to make Emergency November as big and successful as possible. If you want to help out more, check out what you can do:

Invite your friends

Rebelling is way more fun and more effective when we do it together. Share that you’re participating on social media and Whatsapp, or copy the link and send it to your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Join us

You think this is interesting? Visit one of our weekly meetings on Fridays or join the WhatsApp or Telegram broadcasts to receive updates on our actions and integrate to our official communication platform.


Running a succesful campaign comes at a cost, of course. The more funds we have available, the more succesful we can make our events. Supporting us financially is highly appreciated.