Silent Rebellion

The rushed paces of life, distraction and consumption inherent in our societies and cultures are leading us towards extinction.

Through silence, we regain perspective of what really matters: taking care of ourselves, others, and the earth. We are one.

Silence is a powerful tool to stimulate the clarity, wisdom and love that the world needs. We aim to organize silent actions (meditation and more) and bring our spirit towards other parts of XR. We abide by the principles and values of XR.

Our first action will be on Saturday 24 April 14:00 h, in Utrecht. It will be a legal, non-disruptive, peaceful, and covid19-proof demonstration. A great opportunity for experienced rebels to regenerate and reconnect, and for new rebels (or those curious about XR that haven’t taken the step yet) to experience the welcoming and friendly spirit of our movement in a low-effort low-risk way. We look forward to having you there! ­čÖé

You can find information about the programme, what to bring, and the exact location on our event on the website and Facebook.