We are organised as a decentralised structure of small autonomous groups. This structure aims to distribute authority to individuals in roles with clear mandates, empowering those individuals to make decisions and take actions on matters specified in their mandate—without the necessary consensus of a group. We use group decision making only when it’s necessary and not by default because it can be drastically slower. Despite our decentralised structure, we are highly cooperative and always ask for the input of a diverse set of people from different groups before making important decisions.

This structure enables us to act quickly in response to fast-changing situations while still institutionalising the valuable lessons we learn along the way. The success of our structure is evidenced by the fact that thousands of people have successfully created, developed and strengthened local Extinction Rebellion groups all around the world.

Overview of working circles

All the work that is needed to let eXtinction Rebellion Netherlands function as an organisation is divided over several circles. Every circle is a small autonomous group. Below you will find an overview of the circles of eXtinction Rebellion Netherlands.

Local groups
For more information about local groups, check out the local groups page. To organise the work within a local group, a local group can decide to work with working circles as well.

The action circle is in charge of supporting local and affinity groups with organising actions. They take a leading role in carrying out the actions proposed by XRNL. They work closely with Legal to look at the legality and legal implications of the actions they plan. As part of the logistics, they arrange all the (non-art) materials for actions, and make sure that other necessary circles are involved and informed about the actions taking place. They carry out actions in the name of XR, and make sure that various actions are carried out in the Netherlands that comply with the 10 principles and values.

Arts in Action is responsible for the creation of posters, flyers, banners and other artistic expressions that contribute to the visibility of XR. They are a group of theatre makers, musicians and artists who exchange ideas on how to bring creativity to XR actions. They organise material days and creative workshops in coordination with Action & Logistics and Outreach & Training on what materials and artistic input are needed for actions and training purposes. They have full creative freedom to create new XR materials, taking into account the existing XR branding. Arts in Action ensures that XR Netherlands develops a strong visual language and expresses itself in creative and memorable ways.

We determine and oversee the implementation of the strategy and finances of XR NL and solve unforeseen problems that cannot be solved within the limits of the mandates of other circles.

Finances deals with fundraising, making budgets for trainings and actions, and general forms of financial administration. They set up fundraising campaigns, make calls for donations and apply for funds, but also manage the bank account and pay invoices and expenses. They are responsible for overseeing project budgets and keeping adequate financial records of these budgets. They are also the circle that has the final decision about the budget for actions and trainings.

The Future of Democracy (FoD) circle aims to build more resilient, inclusive and participatory communities and democracies to adapt societies to the increasingly uncertain conditions of the climate and ecological emergency.

Inclusion & Power is concerned with mitigating issues of power and inclusion/exclusion across XR. They take an explicitly anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-classist, anti-neoliberal, anti-Islamophobic, anti-ableist, queer stance on controversial issues in an attempt to make XR more inclusive. Inclusion & Power works with circles to negotiate these issues, reflecting on power structures inside and outside XR. They try to provide opportunities for reflection and understanding, to take steps towards being more regenerative and open. Inclusion & Power develops workshops and invites specialists, writes statements on controversial and relevant issues, and works on educational materials on issues of social and climate justice.

The Integration Circle has set itself the goal of turning more interested people into active rebels. Part of their work is to develop effective integration strategies and share these with groups through guides and workshops. They are in contact with local group integrators and maintain contacts with circle integrators to support their work. They also work with the Tech circle on two important projects: Our volunteer bank in which circles can post vacant roles & tasks that interested rebels can pick up. And they work together on Action Network, our rebel database, which is a useful tool for targeted mobilisation. They also have a reactive team that is responsible for answering emails we receive on our general mail accounts.

Media and Communication has the mandate to maintain and develop infrastructure for internal communication and to handle all communication with the public on the web and through social media. This means that this circle is responsible for social media, videos and photography, as well as contacting journalists and writing media statements. They are also responsible for developing and implementing a press communication strategy, producing multimedia content, advising other circles on communication strategy, translating content and keeping abreast of technical developments in the field of XR at international level. They have the authority to make technical decisions regarding the communication infrastructure, managing the web page and social media accounts, and making press releases/publishing media on behalf of XRNL.

Outreach & Training spreads the word about XR, gets people involved in organising, trains them in civil disobedience and tries to grow the movement. Outreach & Training reaches out and mobilises as many people as possible by holding lectures, distributing flyers, having information booths at festivals, etc. They make people aware of the climate and environmental crisis – and of the need to take action. They make people aware of the climate and environmental crisis – and why people should get involved in XR. They organise trainings on Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA), on how to give the ‘Heading for Extinction and What to Do About It’ speech. They integrate new Rebels by making documents like this one and keep in touch with interested people by writing the Newsletter.

Political Strategy & Change defines and oversees the demands of the movement and communicates why these demands have been chosen. They make the link to solutions of other environmental organisations when they contribute to achieving our demands and substantiate the XRNL demands on XRNL platforms and in the media. In addition, Political Strategy & Change works with other circles and local branches of XR NL in creating and communicating their demands and gathering relevant information, news and science to share with the XRNL community. They make decisions about changes in the form and substantiation of XR NL’s requirements as long as they serve the values of XRNL. Their responsibilities include communicating XRNL’s goals and requirements to stakeholders and helping other circles understand and disseminate the requirements.

The Regenerative Culture Circle focuses on promoting regenerative culture throughout XR, as well as instructing and coordinating (detainee) support and welfare before, during and after actions. They help organise training in regenerative culture, for things like meetings or promoting regeneration within circles. They are responsible for establishing the key principles of regenerative culture within all XR communications, and for ensuring the presence of regenerative culture within trainings and workshops. They set up the welfare structure during actions, and provide welfare training for welfare people and affinity groups. They are also responsible for dealing with conflicts within the movement and ensuring that the community of XR remains safe for all. They are responsible for supporting other circles in implementing/expanding the regenerative culture.

The overall goal of this circle is to form alliances within the climate justice movement, and to support and work with other groups and coalitions in the Netherlands to help build a movement for social and environmental justice.

The tech circle is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining the technical infrastructure of XR NL. They develop a platform to find available roles and tasks in XRNL, a live streaming system to be always present at our actions and an application to search the huge amount of information in the movement. They manage our self-hosted cloud service, encrypted e-mail, website and member database. They are also responsible for ensuring that XRNL adheres to high privacy and security standards that protect the personal information of XR rebels, as well as other valuable information within the movement.