We are XR Justice Now! We see that the climate crisis is inherent in the way the world works. Colonialism, the way the West exploits the rest of the world, and capitalism, which assumes infinite growth, causes a lot of damage.

We rise up to protect all life on Earth by opposing these systems.

Climate justice means a fair system that stays within the boundaries of our planet and that we are committed to a fair world for all people.

Born of anger, driven by love

Born out of anger at the violence of the Israeli government, we intend to continue our actions to express our support for the Palestinians who suffer from war crimes and structural oppression. We want an end to the occupation, apartheid and the current genocide. Only in this way can the violence be stopped.

But that’s not all we want to do. To achieve climate justice, we must rise up against oppression around the world. All systems of oppression are interconnected.

That is why we are already planning actions against other organizations that maintain these systems. We live in a rapidly changing world and see that society will have to change drastically.

We are committed to a fair future for everyone.

No one will be free until we are all free!


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