The climate science and the knowledge and  lived experience of Indigenous peoples around the world is abundantly clear: we’re facing an unprecedented climate- and ecological crisis. We’re heading towards the sixth mass extinction.

Yet governments around the world refuse to tell the truth about the climate crisis or take it seriously. Putting the short-term interests of the wealthiest first, they’re playing Russian roulette with the Earth and its inhabitants. The government must face the facts and combat this existential threat.

This is an emergency and for emergency situations we need emergency action.

Ban Ki-Moon
Former UN Secretary General

The problem

For too long, western governments and corporations have placed the interests of white, rich, and powerful men above that of the rest of humanity and non-human nature. Since 1750, western governments and corporations have risen the temperature on Earth by an average of 1.0 degrees celsius. If we don’t change something, we are heading towards a warming of 4 degrees Celsius (recent science even points to 5 degrees) in 2100.

The climate- and ecological crisis has huge consequences for our entire civilisation, but and especially for the most vulnerable and oppressed people: millions of people will lose their homes and will have to flee, there will be more wars and conflicts, crops will start failing more and more, and diseases (like COVID-19) will become more deadly and frequent.

1 in 4 species on Earth is endangered. The current number of extinctions vastly exceeds those that would occur naturally. 60% of all vertebrates have disappeared in the last 50 years. Science shows us that this extinction is just as serious as the threat of the climate crisis.

Based on sober scientific analysis, we are deeply within a climate emergency state but people are not aware of it

Prof. Schellnhuber
Founder Potsdam Institute
for Climate Impact Research

Change is possible

We are standing on a precipice. We can acknowledge the truth of what we are facing, or we can continue to kick the can down the road and allow the effects of a heating planet to have even more detrimental outcomes on all living beings. We are already locked in to a certain amount of warming and biodiversity loss, but there is still time to change this story.

The covid-19 pandemic shows that our governments can take drastic and decisive action when they are under enough pressure to act.  The social movements that came before us teach us that with enough people, a smart strategy and impactful actions, we can force governments to act now. We continue the legacy of these social movements, and will continue to take action until we achieve climate justice for all.

Why do we rebel?

Our economic and political system is driving the Earth to destruction. That is why we stand up to protect life on Earth. We invite everyone to join us!

We are consciously, peacefully violating the law with actions to draw attention to the destruction of the Earth.

Backed by the knowledge and lived experience of Indigenous peoples around the world and the vast consensus in science, we conscientiously, and fully aware of the consequences, declare a state of Rebellion against our government.

We are rebelling in solidarity with everyone at the center of the climate and ecological crisis.

We are rebelling out of a deep love for the Earth and its inhabitants.

We are rebelling for life.